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Juanita Ventura

Intuitive Consultant, Certified Intuition Trainer and Terra-Psychicâ„¢


Individual Coaching and Training

Are you struggling with having clarity about your life? 

Do you believe there is more information out there that can give you peace of mind when making decisions about your future?

If so, this program is for you! 

If you are clear and able to make those hard decisions easily...

Do you sometimes just know things? Are you aware of subtle energies around you? Do you see or hear what is not being said, but not always? Everyone is intuitive! As toddlers, our intuition is powerful but then we move into school, shifting to left-brained thinking, and then into the work world, we start to disconnect and lose that gift. It's OK to be a little woo-woo in the business world, in school, and in all areas of your life! Using your intuition can be enormous assist in life!

Connect to your inner guidance. Increase your intuition. See what is not being shown to you and what you aren't always seeing. Hear what others are not saying to you or what you are not truly hearing. Know what guidance you are missing from the Spirit world! Feel the way you need to feel so you can live a divinely inspired life through your own inner guidance.

Intuition Empowerment Coaching will help you to discover the confidence to easily receive answers about major life decisions or minor things like what is the best gift for a friend. Expand your awareness in your place of work, in your studies, even in relationships, by using your own intuition!

Allow me to work with you so you can gain an abundance of clarity in your life and take action with confidence and ease!

What will you be learning?

The seven sessions of Level 1 will cover the below subjects,accompanied by training exercises and a monthly assessment of skill

Ethics, integrity, professionalism.

The higher self, spirit guides, energetic protection.

Working with a pendulum.

Intuition & Numbers, Colors

The Clairs to include indepth sessions on: