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Juanita Ventura

Intuitive Consultant, Certified Intuition Trainer and Terra-Psychic™

Your 2022 Year Overview Reading

(Sent as a pdf document)

Do you like being prepared? Do you want to know some of the events and situations that are coming at you in the new year? I can see what you don't yet see. I can prepare you with tidbits of information and guidance for the year. I use a variety of tarot cards to represent each month, in circular format, then break it down month by month. The last page is a general focus or theme for the year, at a higher level. Don't let the tarot and oracle cards fool you, this is honest and real guidance for the things you have yet to see and experience - I just like the pretty pictures as a representation since I personally lack artistic skills.

My clients rave about these readings and keep coming back for their next year's forecast. This makes a great Christmas gift, but frankly is a valuable tool for you! The report is sent out in .pdf file format so you can print it out and keep it by your nightstand or near your reading chair. I recommend laminating it so it's sturdier. Below you will see what it looks like. 

Get yours soon!

Due to the length of time it takes to prepare these readings, I can only do a limited number of them. When they sell out, they are gone until next year. 

BUY YOURS for 2022 NOW! 

Your Year Overview

*ONLY Available from December 5 through December 31 and in limited supply*

Please email me as soon as you have purchased it with name of person the reading is for and the email address to send it to. You can expect to receive it within a few days.

EMAIL: [email protected]

$75.00 Each - Purchase below


" .I was wondering if you would be doing the annual overview reading for 2019....2018 was excellent!" "I can't wait for this year!" (R. Norris in OK, USA)

"So I signed the paperwork for a new job today!! I will still be working for the same company but in the Operations side of the buisness. Its is a whole new thing for me as I have been an accountant working for Finance Depts for 20 yrs +. Its a new adventure and I am very nervous but even more excited and can't wait to get started. Pushing the boundaries feels fantastic

I also need to give my lovely friend Juanita Ventura a very big thank you. The cards said it all and it gave me the strength and patience to wait, hold my nerve and it was worth it xx

The cards also said there would be alot of travel coming up and that was sooo true, on a plane every week now......" (Julie M., in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom)

"...I can say that is was ridiculously accurate for myself" (Jovan A., in OK, USA)

"Are you doing new year readings again? Yes please I hope so!", "I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait for my new reading!" (Michelle L., in TX, USA)

"Your January card was SPOT ON!!!!!!!" (Michelle L., in TX, USA)



Your 2022 Year Overview 

This is your personal, month-by-month guidance, for the entire year of 2022. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have purchased the reading, please email me at [email protected] to let me know WHO you want the reading for and a working email address. A picture of you is helpful!

If the reading is not for you, I will need you to send me the name of the person it's for, a working email address to send it to, and the date you want it sent. A picture of the person is helpful! 

Please note that I WILL NOT send you someone else's reading. It MUST go directly to the person you are purchasing it for. No exceptions. You may also purchase a gift card for someone to purchase it themselves.