Juanita Ventura

Intuitive Consultant, Certified Intuition Trainer and Terra-Psychicâ„¢

Spirit Circle

 via Zoom (online)

Spirit circles are a long standing, traditional method of spiritual development, particularly within the Spiritualist church groups for mediumship development. The practice is now more openly used among non-spiritualist groups as a means of developing intuitive gifts via connecting to Spirit, the divine, Loved ones in spirit, God, spirit guides, angels, etc.. 

The circle offers a safe and supportive space to use your gifts, hone them, learn from others, and GROW SPIRITUALLY.

Spirit circles occur on a weekly basis as development requires regular and consistent practice. That said, we all live very busy lives and often have many things going on so regular attendance is recommended but not mandatory.

Spirit circle will be offered ONLINE via Zoom. It consists of meditation/sitting in the power, sharing messages and Q&A time. This is a judgement-free zone where we ask you only to keep an open mind and to be present (maybe with pen/paper in hand). 

 Circle Attendance

Weekly attendance is not mandatory but, as with all endeavors that lead to growth, it is highly recommended.

Circle Options

Zoom Circle - One Month


Per Month

4 - 5 sessions depending on month

Monthly Zoom Circle

Zoom Circle - One Week


Per Week

One session, one week

Weekly Zoom Circle